Twitch AIO

High quality twitch bot at a low cost with regular updates and security in mind !

Preview of '' AIO tool showing twitch bot features included.


Boost stats

Bot your way to the top and build realistic looking statistics via our HQ bot

Regular updates

With regular updates, the tool is maintained to a high quality standard & left unpatched

High uptime

As we use our own custom authentication system, up-time is over 99.7% overall

Automated delivery

Once you checkout your licence & information will be sent directly for quick access

Simple GUI

A very simple to use GUI makes navigating & using the application very simple for all users

Custom configs

Use our config files provided to make usage of the bot much easier and get more functionaility


Security is our main goal this bot will not get you banned and we also keep no logs whatsoever for privacy


If you have any questions or issues you can contact us anytime, we also provide free help guides for customers

> [email protected]/


# Features


+ Viewbot

+ Chatbot

+ Viewers list bot

+ Free twitch oauth tokens

+ Free accounts


Beginner friendly & simple to use GUI

No matter how much botting experience you have, you will be able to use this bot with ease. We have made it as simple as possible to use & understand. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to send us a message anytime !

Boost stats & grow your audience

Looking to grow your twitch channel? Want to become a twitch affiliate or partner? We have everything you need to get started and bot your way to the top. This bot can also help you grow naturally and attract real viewers , real followers & much more.

plans & pricing

Checkout with fast and secure payment methods & get instant access.
  •   Viewbot
  •   Chatbot
  •   Chatbot scripts
  •   Account tokens
  •   Free help guide
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1  week

Access to all features included within the bot for '1 week', A free guide is also provided for all customers upon purchase.


1  months

Access to all features included within the bot for '1 month', A free guide is also provided for all customers upon purchase.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Is the tool 'safe' to use ?

This tool is very safe to use and within the last 3 years not a single ban has been reported; this tool is also regularly updated to high standards to ensure maximum security and privacy; we also do not keep any logs on channels being botted!

What do I do if I need support ?

You can contact us via discord or on site anytime by clicking the icon at the bottom right. For optimal support, we suggest joining the discord server and opening a ticket with any useful information or questions you think that could help us !

Do we need to provide / pay for proxies ?

Yes, for you will need some high quality proxies (preferably rotating residential) for stable results, If you do not have this, we can suggest you some providers and assist with the setup.

Do we need to provide / pay for accounts ?

No you will not need to buy any accounts unless you would like more, we provide some free accounts upon purchase that work within the tool, if you would like more we also sell them here:

How do you setup the bot ?

The Twitch bot is very simple to setup, after purchasing you will receive an email with a link to a "setup" guide, a "licence" key for logging in & a link to download the bot itself.

Where can I find the setup guide ?

You can find our custom twitch help guide from the download email upon purchase, the guide explains alot of things from how to install to effiecently using it !

What is a hardware ID (HWID) ?

A hardware ID is a unique ID generated from the system that we use to bind licence information for authentication purposes, This HWID is only used to "bind" data for users & licence to keep tool protected !

How often can we reset our HWID ?

We have a fully automated HWID reset panel where you can automatically reset your HWID / bound devices for free, there is usually a 3 day cooldown between resets however feel free to contact support if you need it sooner !