Mass streambot

Mass-stream to multiple livestreaming platforms from multiple accounts for platforms such as Twitch,YouTube,Trovo & Kick from video files.

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Low usage

Bot uses very little hardware resources (CPU & RAM) so you can mass stream on basic hardware.

Quality content

Do not worry about high frame drops or connection issues, this bot will continue to stream content.

RTMP servers

Use multiple 'RTMP' servers assuming ping is reasonable, or use a preffered ingest server that is ideal for you.

Fast setup

Simply import stream key(s) to the tool and start streaming straight away, we also have a free video downloader.

YouTube downloader

We provide a free YouTube video downloader, So you can extract free videos to use when streaming content.

Low hardware usage

Our software does not require a lot of resources to run (CPU / RAM) & will run on a basic 4 core RDP (windows).

stream-key grabber

We provide a free stream-key grabber for, simply import Oauth tokens and the bot will save the keys.

Simple GUI

Our software is very easy to use & has a simple GUI which makes it easy to use for all users to use & learn.

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# Features


+ Auto re-encode videos

+ Mass livestream from video

+ Stream static or a random video

+ Stream video once or in a loop

+ Free YouTube video downloader

+ Twitch livestream key grabber

+ Low resource usage (CPU & RAM)


Multiple configuration options

Mass stream to multiple live streaming platforms from local video files, the bot supports many useful features such as being able to stream a "single" video to all accounts, or select a "random" video per account. You can also specify to 'Loop' a video for continuous livestream if required, The software currently supports multiple video formats such as (.MP4, .MOV, .MKV) and will re-encode the provided video content if needed.

Free YouTube downloader

Our software includes a [FREE] YouTube video downloader / extractor, so you can easily mass extract videos to use with the bot. The downloader will automatically Select the highest quality video available (1080p, 60FPS) when applicable, The video will also try to download the video in the "optimal" format of ".mp4" so the bot does not have to re-encode the video stream.

3D illustration used to show speed & consistency
3D illustration used to show finger prints & security

Free twitch livekey extractor

Our software includes a [FREE] twitch live key extractor, simply import twitch accounts and the bot will extract the livestream live-key for the account, in the future we plan to add support for the other platforms also, This feature can also be used as a twitch token validator.

Perfect for twitch ad-botting

Our stream tool is perfect for anyone who wants to mass bot twitch ads (twitch adbot), With our software you can simultaneously stream to thousands of accounts at the same time with very little CPU & RAM usage, Our stream tool also outputs a decent quality livestream maintaining good bitrates & resolutions without any interruptions.

plans & pricing

Checkout with fast and secure payment methods & get instant access.
  •   Mass livestream
  •   Free YouTube downloader
  •   Free twitch live key extracter
  •   Stream videos from local files
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6  months

Access to all features included within the bot for '6 month', A free guide is also provided for all customers upon purchase.


1  year

Access to all features included within the bot for '1 year', A free guide is also provided for all customers upon purchase.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Is the tool 'safe' to use ?

This tool is very safe to use & is not detected by any of the online streaming platforms, to stay safe we do however suggest you ensure content is appropriate for the platforms TOS to avoid any issues.

Can I stream to twitch from a video file?

Yes, you can stream any local video file such as (.mp4) to twitch & any of the other platforms supported, We do recommend you use our YouTube downloader for any videos to ensure the encoding is correct & optimised for streaming.

Can I mass stream / auto stream ?

Yes, this bot can stream to thousands of accounts at the same time. Not only that, you can use multiple RTMP servers and choose what method of streaming you would like to setup. Currently, the bot supports "looped" videos, where the content will keep replaying. and "static," in which the video content will be streamed and then terminated when it is finished.

What video files are supported ?

The software supports a wide variety of common video formats; however, we recommend using ".mp4" as this seems to be the best option all around for quality & stability, When using other video formats, such as ".mkv" the software will likely have to re-encode the output, which can cause spikes in CPU usage.

How to stream a pre-recorded video on twitch ?

To stream a pre-recorded video to Twitch, you simply need to select the video file within the software and import your account or stream-key. This also works on the other supported platforms & with large video files.

How can I download YouTube videos ?

Simply use our free YouTube video downloader within the software by importing a list of YouTube URL's, the software will then attempt to download the video(s) in its highest quality format (1080p, 60FPS), if applicable, and then create a thumbnail.

How can I use this with a twitch adbot ?

Most twitch adbot's only require you to enter 'channel' names that are live, so you can simply go live on accounts with our software and use the names that are currently streaming, If you use our Adbot you can also use the 'Loop' feature to keep accounts live longer.

Where can I get "crypto currency" ?

If you would like to purchase crypto currency we suggest using a trusted platform such as binance if you are struggling to acquire crypto currency please feel free to contact us here.