Trovo AIO

High quality trovo AIO bot with over 10+ features, including a high quality viewbot that counts towards effecticve viewers & trovo 500 watch hours.

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Viewbot with proxies & cookies to gain effective watch hours & T500 hours.


Use accounts to send chat messages to increase stream legitimacy & build trust.

Mana claimer

Force claim daily mana from accounts watching the stream & chatting.

Mana sender

Send farmed mana from bots to any other account (x100 & x500) rewards.

Account creator

Create accounts / cookies with proxies to use with the viewbot & chatbot.

Name generator

Generate random names for accounts to use with the account creator.

Cookie convertor

Convert accounts (mail access) to cookies to use with the viewbot & chatbot.

Simple GUI

Very simple GUI so all users can easily use the software with no issues.

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# Features


+ Viewbot

+ Chatbot

+ Account creator

+ Mana claimer

+ Mana sender

+ Gain T500 hours


Over 10+ high quality features

Trovo AIO has over 10+ features to help you grow your channel. We have a viewbot, chatbot, account creator, mana claimer, mana sender, cookie convertor, and much more. We are also regularly adding new features to the bot to make it better for you & to stay undetected.

Effective watch hours & T500 programme

Looking to get into the trovo 500 programme or simply gain effective view watch hours? well our bot has been designed exactly for these purposes & our bot is very capable of providing you with the watch hours you need to get into the trovo 500 partner programmes. We have also took alot of precautions to ensure that our bot is undetected by trovo & will not get you banned.

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plans & pricing

Checkout with fast and secure payment methods & get instant access.
  •   Viewbot
  •   Chatbot
  •   Mana sender
  •   Mana farmer
  •   Account creator
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1  month

Access to all features included within the bot for '1 month', A free guide is also provided for all customers upon purchase.


3  months

Access to all features included within the bot for '3 months', A free guide is also provided for all customers upon purchase.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Is the tool 'safe' to use ?

This tool is safe to use & undetected and if you bot responsibly you should be able to enter trovo 500 (T500) program with no issues whatsoever, we do however recommend you bot realistic figures to avoid any manual checks from trovo staff.

Do we need to provide / pay for proxies ?

Yes, for you will need some fast proxies that are not banned on "Datadome" (trovo's anti-bot / proxy detection system), If you do not have this we have some cheap providers in the buyers guide that start from $2.99 per month (HTTPs / SOCKS5).

How do you setup the bot ?

Trovo AIO is a very simple bot to setup with a simple to use GUI, after purchasing you will receive an email with a link to download a 'setup guide' which will show you how to setup the bot, Along with this you will receive 'Download' access & 'Login licence' key information'.

Do we need to provide / pay for accounts ?

Trovo AIO includes a free 'Account Creator' which will create accounts for you using a 'Captcha solver' such as 2Captcha or alternatively you can use our "FREE" accounts that we provide upon purchase, If you would still like to purchase accounts this is something we can also offer.

Do I need to provide anything ?

Depending on the software chosen you might be required to provide your own proxies / accounts etc, usually this information can be located on the product page, if you are unsure please feel free to contact us here.

What is a hardware ID (HWID) ?

A hardware ID is a unique ID generated from the system that we use to bind licence information for authentication purposes, This HWID is only used to "bind" data for users & licence to keep tool protected !

How often can we reset our HWID ?

We have a fully automated HWID reset panel where you can automatically reset your HWID / bound devices for free, there is usually a 3 day cooldown between resets however feel free to contact support if you need it sooner !

Where can I get "crypto currency" ?

If you would like to purchase crypto currency we suggest using a trusted platform such as binance if you are struggling to acquire crypto currency please feel free to contact us here.