Kick viewbot

High quality viewbot that works with cheap proxies and is easy to use, with a simple GUI and a lot of features including a free cloudflare enterprise bypass & solver this is perfect for anyone wanting to grow.

Preview of '' viewbot for showing trovo features & GUI



Viewbot that works with, with cheap proxies & no need for 3rd party cloudflare bypass.

Anti-bot bypass

Anti-bot bypass that works with is included for free and currently supports cloudflare.

Proxy checker

We provide a free simple 'Proxy' checker that checks if your proxies are (online) & working for free.

Proxy provider

If you do not have access to any proxies we can recommend a cheap & reliable provider just open a ticket.


You do not need to worry about fingerprinting or issues with being detected as a bot, we have you covered.

Low resources

Our software does not require a lot of resources to run (CPU / RAM) & will run on a basic 4 core RDP (windows).

Cookie support

Beta version includes cookie support which enables you to import accounts & use them for viewing

Simple GUI

Our software is very easy to use & has a simple GUI which makes it easy to use for all users to use & learn.

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# Features


+ Viewbot

+ Stable views

+ Proxy checker

+ Cloudflare solver [FREE]

+ Cloudflare detection [FREE]


#1 stable viewbot

Our viewbot is perfect for anyone wanting to grow their channel. We have a stable viewbot which will help you grow your channel with ease, our bot also includes a free cloudflare solver & cloudflare detection script to ensure viewers get sent with as little issues as possible.

Anti-bot & fingerprinting

Our viewbot has anti-bot & fingerprinting methods embedded into the tool to ensure that your viewers are as safe as possible & do not get flagged as potential bots, Currently we provide a free cloudflare solver & cloudflare detection script to all customers for free, We use our own methods here as 3rd party cloudflare solvers are not always reliable & can be expensive.

plans & pricing

Checkout with fast and secure payment methods & get instant access.
  •   Viewbot
  •   Proxy checker
  •   Cloudflare solver
  •   Cloudflare detection
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1  month

Access to all features included within the bot for '1 month', A free guide is also provided for all customers upon purchase.


6  months

Access to all features included within the bot for '6 months', A free guide is also provided for all customers upon purchase.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Is the tool 'safe' to use ?

This tool is safe to use & undetected by, we have also worked on our own Cloudflare solving system to ensure you do not get flagged as a bot / proxy user.

Do we need to provide / pay for proxies ?

Yes, for kick you will need some fast proxies that are not banned on "Cloudflare" (kick's anti-bot / proxy detection system), If you do not have this we have some cheap providers in the buyers guide that start from $2.99 per month (HTTPs / SOCKS5).

How do you setup the bot ? kick is a very simple bot to setup with a simple to use GUI, after purchasing you will receive an email with a link to download a 'setup guide' which will show you how to setup the bot, Along with this you will receive 'Download' access & 'Login licence' key information'.

Do we need to provide / pay for accounts ?

Currently there is no need to provide or use accounts with the bot, however this may change in the future, and we will update the FAQ if this happens.

Do I need to provide anything ?

Depending on the software chosen you might be required to provide your own proxies / accounts etc, usually this information can be located on the product page, if you are unsure please feel free to contact us here.

What is a hardware ID (HWID) ?

A hardware ID is a unique ID generated from the system that we use to bind licence information for authentication purposes, This HWID is only used to "bind" data for users & licence to keep tool protected !

How often can we reset our HWID ?

We have a fully automated HWID reset panel where you can automatically reset your HWID / bound devices for free, there is usually a 3 day cooldown between resets however feel free to contact support if you need it sooner !

Where can I get "crypto currency" ?

If you would like to purchase crypto currency we suggest using a trusted platform such as binance if you are struggling to acquire crypto currency please feel free to contact us here.