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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Do you provide free updates?

For all of our programs we provide free regular updates to ensure they are not only working but to ensure they are safe to use, If for any reason something gets patched or updated we always aim to get a solution released as soon as possible.

Are the tools 'safe' to use?

Unless stated otherwise all of our tools are safe to use & undetected (within reason), Depending on the software we will also likely have a free ebook / "guide" that will contain some key-information to help you get started & use the bot safely.

Do you offer support ?

Yes, If you have any questions or need help with anything please feel free to contact us here. When contacting us please ensure you leave the issue you are having in as much detail as possible, This will help us to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

What operating-system do you support ?

This all depends on the software, unless stated otherwise most of our software will support Windows 7 & above on the windows platform, even though mac & linux is not "natively" supported we have seen cases where it has worked via (WineBottler).

Do I need to provide anything ?

Depending on the software chosen you might be required to provide your own proxies / accounts etc, usually this information can be located on the product page, if you are unsure please feel free to contact us here.

What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept most major crypto currencies such as "BTC , LTC , ETH" & many more, We also accept PayPal & Credit/Debit cards if possible, When you click 'purchase' all of the available payment methods will be displayed.

Where can I buy crypto currency?

There are many different exchanges that you can use to buy crypto currency, We recommend Binance as they are one of the largest exchanges & have a very good reputation.

Do you provide custom tools ?

Yes, If you are looking for a custom tool please feel free to contact us here. If we do not sell the tool you are looking for we will likely be able to create it for you at a reasonable price.